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Office of Special Investigations (OSI)
Information on this page refers to the Nutrition Assistance program Information on this page refers to the Cash Assistance program
This section includes information on how to report fraud and the actions taken by the Office of Special Investigations (OSI).
The Arizona State Legislature created the DES Office of Special Investigations (OSI) to investigate public assistance fraud. FAA is responsible for resolving questionable information given during the eligibility process. Participants are required to provide true statements and correct verification to FAA so an accurate eligibility determination can be completed.
FAA refers cases to OSI for investigation when fraud is suspected. Participants are required to comply with the investigation process. Failure to comply may result in a case closure, denial, or a potential overpayment.
The general public, employees, and participants may submit a request to investigate potential fraud. The general public and participants may submit a request through any of the following methods:
Completing an electronic form on the DES website. (See https://des.az.gov/how-do-i/report-suspected-fraud to report benefits fraud.)
Calling the DES Fraud Hotline at any of the following numbers:
(800) 251-2436 (toll-free inside Arizona)
(602) 542-9449 (direct and outside of Arizona)
OSI is responsible for all of the following investigations:
Pre-approval investigations on participants to prevent potential fraud for all NA and CA cases, and Medical Assistance (MA) that include NA or CA throughout the state.
NOTE The AHCCCS Office of Inspector General is responsible for investigating MA only cases.
Post-approval investigations on participants already receiving benefits to stop potential fraud.
OSI completes a Report of Investigation form and forwards the findings to FAA. The participant or their authorized representative can contact the DES Public Records Request Coordinator to view or obtain a copy of the form.
The participant has the primary responsibility for providing verification. (See Participant Responsibilities – Providing Verification for additional policy.)
The Investigation Information Request (C022) notice informs the participant of all the information that is needed to complete the investigation. The notice also provides information on how the participant can receive a copy of the investigation report.
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