Arizona's Cash and Nutrition Assistance Policy (CNAP) Manual - Under Construction sign
The CNAP Manual contains policy for Arizona’s Cash and Nutrition Assistance Programs administered by the Family Assistance Administration (FAA).
Policy for the Medical Assistance Program is found in the Eligibility Policy Manual located HERE.
Arizona’s C
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Si tiene preguntas favor de llamar a Servicio al Cliente de Health-e-Arizona Plus al 855-HEA-PLUS (855-432-7587).
Important Reminder to Participants Currently Receiving NA or CA in Arizona
EBT Benefits Are Being Stolen!
There is an increase in EBT Benefits being stolen with the use of skimmers. Skimmers are electronics that steal the information from your EBT card when you use it. Lost or stolen benefits cannot be replaced.
Don’t be afraid to use your EBT card. See the AZDES website under the ‘Report Lost or Stolen Card’ section of the page for ways to keep your benefits safe. (Download a flyer)
Report Income Changes
Most increases to your income must be reported. This includes, and is not limited to, the following scenarios:
Being previously unemployed and now you are working
No income was previously reported and now you are receiving income
Failure to report a change can cause overpayments that you must repay, and could cause an investigation for potential fraud. See Reporting Changes for additional information.
Important to Know About This Manual
image of a house icon that is on each page of the CNAP Manual Click on the house icon in the top right corner at any time to return to this Home Page.
calendar imageThe dates in the CNAP Manual are written using the Month/Day/Year format. (07/04/2021 means July 4th of 2021)
Image of an apple which stands for the Nutrition Assistance Program The apple image on the page identifies that the page discusses Nutrition Assistance (NA) policy. NA is also known as Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) and previously known as Food Stamps. The NA acronym is used throughout the CNAP Manual without description.
Image of a dollar sign in a triangle which stands for the Cash Assistance Program. The dollar sign image on the page identifies that the page discusses Cash Assistance (CA) policy. The CA acronym is used throughout the CNAP Manual without description.
D.E.S. image with people holding hands. FAA stands for the Department of Economic Security (DES) Family Assistance Administration. The FAA acronym is used frequently in the CNAP Manual without description.
(g)Clicking on a link with a (g) at the end goes to a glossary page which provides a definition of the word or group of words in blue.
Note: Images in the video may be different due to the ongoing reformatting project.
Picture stating under construction The CNAP Manual is currently under construction.
The CNAP Manual is being reformatted to make policy easier to find for everyone. During this transition chapter letters may not be in order, references will change, and AZTECS screen names will be removed from the Table of Contents. Also, pages will be formatted differently in different sections.
For additional information on the changes being made, see the Reformat Introductory Video(mp4) or the Reformat Introductory Transcript(pdf).
Using SEARCH is recommended.
What if I Need Help?
Question about your case? Contact the Customer Support Center at (855) 432-7587.
Can’t find the policy or need help navigating this manual? Contact the FAA Policy Navigational Helpdesk at (602) 774-5523.
Need help with the application process? There are trained community partners that can help. To find help near you, see the HEAplus’ Find an Assistor web page at: