Reporting Changes
Information on this page refers to the Nutrition Assistance program Information on this page refers to the Cash Assistance program
It is the responsibility of the participant to report changes based on the policy specifications.
Budgetary units are subject to Standard Reporting or Simplified Reporting, or a combination of both, depending on the program involvement. A notice is sent when NA or CA benefits are approved. The approval notice identifies which reporting method the budgetary unit has been assigned.
Changes in circumstances causing changes in benefits may also be reported through system reports or reported by a third-party.
A reported change for one program is considered a reported change for all programs and for all open cases in which the participant is known.
Change Reporting Time Frame
At the interview, the participant must report any changes that have occurred from the application date through the interview date.
After the interview, changes must be reported with all of the following guidelines when appropriate:
No later than the tenth calendar day of the month following the month the change occurred.
For Tribal TANF, changes occurring after the approval must be reported within ten calendar days of the date the change becomes known to the budgetary unit.
When the reporting deadline falls on a weekend or holiday, the reporting due date is extended to the following workday(g).
When verification is needed, the participant must respond to the notice requesting the verification by the due date on the notice. Failure to respond to notices requesting verification may cause benefits to be denied or stopped.
Failure to report a change timely that results in a benefit decrease or case closure may cause an overpayment that the participant must repay.
What Types of Changes Must be Reported?
The changes that must be reported depend on the reporting method assigned to the budgetary unit. See Standard Reporting or Simplified Reporting to determine what types of changes must be reported.
How to Report a Change
The participant may report changes verbally or in writing. When the participant reports the change in writing, they may use the Change Report (FAA-0412A) form, or other written communication.
The reported date for the change is the date a change is received by an FAA office through any of the following methods:
Over the phone by calling the Customer Care Center for HEAplus, AHCCCS and FAA at (855) 432-7587
By mail
By fax
Online through Health-e-Arizona Plus (See
Online through MyFamilyBenefits (See
In person at any FAA office
To locate the nearest FAA office, click ‘Find a DES Office’ on the DES Office Locator webpage found at
FAA office hours are weekdays from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (Mountain Standard Time) except for state holidays.
NOTE Some FAA office locations observe Daylight Saving Time(g)
When an application is received in the FAA office it is reviewed and treated as a reported change.
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