EBT QUEST Card - Inventory - EBT Card Issuance Log (FAA-1007A)
(01/01/08 – 03/31/08)
EBT card Primary Account Numbers (PANS) are pre-printed on the EBT Card Issuance Log (FAA‑1007A).
NOTE The FAA‑1007A logs are accessed by authorized staff, designated by the Office Manager (LOM) or the LOM’s designee. Contact the EBT Unit when assistance is required to access the FAA‑1007A. (See EBT Help Desk Phone Number)
The LOM or designee creates the daily working inventory of EBT cards as follows:
Remove up to 30 cards from the office inventory depending on the average daily issuance. This group of cards becomes the working inventory. Do not add additional EBT cards to the working inventory until there are five or fewer cards remaining.
Pull the corresponding FAA‑1007A logs with the pre-printed numbers that correspond to the working inventory. Always maintain an inventory of EBT cards that match the FAA‑1007A logs.
NOTE All unused EBT cards must be returned to the LOM, or the LOM’s designee, to be returned to the office inventory, in numerical order at the end of every workday(g).
Keep the daily working inventory secured within an area designated by the LOM or the LOM’s designee.
Verify the PAN printed on the FAA‑1007A with the number on the card, as each EBT card is issued.
NOTE Each EBT card has a 16-digit PAN embossed on the front. The first 15 numbers of the PAN run sequentially. The 16th number of the PAN is called the Control Digit. The Control Digit is established as a fraud deterrent. This number does not run sequentially.
Document the following on the FAA‑1007A:
AZTECS case number
Date of issuance
Do not use any of the following on the FAA‑1007A:
Correction Fluid
Correction Tape
Ditto Marks (")
Rubber Stamps
To make corrections to the FAA 1007A, complete the following:
Draw a line through the error.
Document the corrected information directly above the error.
Both the staff issuing the card and the cardholder must sign the FAA‑1007A. The cardholder also signs the back of the card.
NOTE The LOM or the LOM’s designee must sign the FAA‑1007A for all cards being voided, for any reason.
The FAA‑1007A is an accountability document and must be retained for three years from the month of origin. When more than one working supply is in use, such as for itinerate sites, each supply must be supported by an FAA‑1007A.