FAAEBT.A Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) Policy and Procedures : 03 EBT QUEST Card - Overview : H EBT QUEST Card – Excessive Replacement Card Procedures
EBT QUEST Card – Excessive Replacement Card Procedures
(01/01/22 –12/31/22)
A request for a fourth replacement Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) card within a 12-month period is considered excessive. The 12-month period is a rolling 12 months and the EBT card count is the total number of requests made for the case.
When any additional EBT replacement cards are requested, the system looks at the prior 12 months starting with the date the EBT card is requested.
When a participant is suspected of NA trafficking(g) FAA refers the participant to the Office of Inspector General/Office of Special Investigations (OIG/OSI) for investigation. See OSI – Investigation Referral for OIG/OSI referral procedures.
When a participant requests a fourth replacement EBT card within a 12-month period, Fidelity Information Services (FIS) mails the replacement card to the card holder and AZTECS sends the Replacement EBT Card Requests (X151) notice.
The X151 notice advises the participant of the following:
The Family Assistance Administration (FAA) is monitoring their EBT transactions for fraud or trafficking activities.
When suspected of fraud or trafficking the case is referred to the OIG/OSI, Trafficking Detection Unit.
Only one X151 notice is generated within a 12-month period.
In all cases, FAA acts to protect vulnerable participants who may lose EBT cards but are not committing fraud or trafficking. (See Vulnerable Persons Definition for a list of vulnerable persons.)