FAAEBT.A Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) Policy and Procedures : 03 EBT QUEST Card - Overview : H EBT QUEST Card – Excessive Replacement Card Procedures
EBT QUEST Card – Excessive Replacement Card Procedures
(01/01/21 –12/31/21)
The Fidelity Information Services (FIS) suspends a replacement card when three or more replacement cards have been requested within a 12-month period. The replacement card is mailed, and AZTECS sends the Replacement EBT Card Requests-3 or More (X152) notice. The notice advises the PI of the requirement to contact FAA to remove the suspension. The card holder will not be able to access their benefits until the suspension is removed.
When an EBT card holder contacts FAA in response to the X152 notice, complete the following:
Complete the EBT Replacement Card Questionnaire (FAA-1578A) form, including the following:
Review and document the reason for the EBT card holder’s request for three or more replacement EBT cards.
Check the applicable boxes.
Complete the signature section.
Update the EBT CARD CONTACT field on INDA with the date the questionnaire was completed.
Email the FAA-1578A as an attachment, to the Research and Analysis (R&A) Unit at [email protected] when one of the following applies:
The card holder admits to fraud or trafficking.
The card holder is not vulnerable(g) and refuses to answer the question on the FA-1578A.
The card holder is not vulnerable, and their response indicates potential fraud or trafficking.
NOTE Vulnerable EBT card holders are only to be referred to R&A when they admit to fraud or trafficking.
Document the case file(g) with the summary of the reason for sending the FAA-1578A to R&A. Do not upload or scan the form to OnBase.
NOTE To ensure the EBT card holder has immediate access to benefits, authorized staff must remove the suspension, even when the FAA-1578A is sent to R&A.
When the completed FAA-1578A is not referred to R&A, complete the following:
Document the case file with a summary of the reason for not sending the form to R&A.
Upload or scan the completed questionnaire into OnBase as Document Type Group <All> and Document Type, FAA-1578A – REPLACEMENT EBT CARD QUESTIONNAIRE.
Authorized FAA staff must remove the suspension on the EBT card. The following individuals have the security to access EBCM and end a suspension on an EBT card:
Authorized FAA staff
An Office Manager
A Region Program Manager (RPM) when the Office Manager is not available or unable to complete the required actions
When R&A receives the FAA-1578A, R&A assesses whether a referral for investigation is warranted and completes the following:
Documents the decision in the case file.
Completes and uploads a referral for investigation when warranted.
Uploads the FAA-1578A into OnBase as Document Type Group <All> and Document Type: OSI1017 INVESTIGATION REQUEST.
See Over The Counter (OTC) Issuance when a participant requests an OTC EBT card.
When the replacement EBT card has been mailed, it has not been more than five workdays(g) since the request, and the card holder has not requested an OTC replacement EBT card, complete the following::
Advise the participant that they should anticipate receiving their card within five (5) workdays from the date of their request.
Authorized FAA staff end the suspension on the replacement card.
Document the case file to support the actions taken.