Office of Appeals Responsibilities - Hearing Decision
(04/01/16 - 05/31/16)
A final decision must be rendered within 90 calendar days from the hearing request date. All hearings must comply with the following:
CA, and NA policies and procedures when they are in agreement with the law
Arizona's State Plan for administering CA
Federal and state laws, regulations, and policies
Hearing decisions become final 15 calendar days following the date the decision is mailed by the Office of Appeals.
When a written Petition to Review is filed or the case has been removed to the Appeals Board for review and decision, the Hearing Officer's decision remains pending.
Hearing decision notices are based on the hearing record and contain the following information:
Pertinent facts of the case
Reasons for the decision
Supporting evidence, pertinent regulations, and FAA Policy Manual references
The hearing decision becomes a part of the hearing record and is available for public inspection subject to disclosure of information restrictions.