Legal Permanent Guardian (LPG)
Legal Permanent Guardians(g) (LPG) may apply for CA under the LPG CA program. An LPG meets caretaker relative requirements to apply for CA when both of the following apply:
The LPG is applying for the child only. The child is not required to be related to the LPG.
The LPG must have been appointed by any court during a dependency hearing or dependency proceeding. The appointment may have been made at any time.
NOTE Applications may be referred to the FAA office by the Department of Child Safety (DCS).
Policy and procedures regarding LPG are outlined as follows:
When an LPG paper application is received in the FAA office, stamp the first page of the official FAA application with the KF/KS/LP stamp. Circle LP and register the application for CA. When the KF/KS/LP stamp is not available, write LP on the application. When discovered during the interview, document the case file(g) to identify the case as Kinship Foster Care, Kinship Care or LPG.