FAA6.E Overpayments : 07 Intentional Program Violation (IPV) - Overview : I IPV – electronic Disqualified Recipient System (eDRS)
IPV – electronic Disqualified Recipient System (eDRS)
(01/01/22 - 12/31/22)
The electronic Disqualified Recipient System (eDRS) is a national tracking system designed to facilitate the exchange of disqualified NA participant information between states.
HEAplus interfaces with eDRS every time a participant submits an NA application or reports a change requesting an adult be added to the NA benefits through HEAplus. When there is eDRS information for a participant, an indicator displays in HEAplus.
When HEAplus shows an eDRS match which reflects the participant is disqualified due to an Intentional Program Violation (IPV), FAA must verify the accuracy of the information before taking action to disqualify the participant. Verification includes confirmation from the participant that the disqualification in the other state is valid.
When the IPV information has been verified, complete the following:
On SEPA, key DF in the PT field next to the disqualified participant in the month the disqualification starts
On PRAP, key IP in the third field alert type for the disqualified program (FS or AF)
On PRAP, key a Y under the DISA WKSN for FS
On DISA, key the following:
Consecutive IPV number in the IPV NBR field
Disqualification start date (MMYY) in the IPV START DT field
Length of the disqualification in the DISQ PERIOD field
Document an explanation of the IPV disqualification in the DOC section and the case file(g)
Send the Denial/Closure/Decrease for IPV (C204) notice
When the participant disagrees with the eDRS information, additional verification is needed from the participant. Send a request for information notice from AZTECS to the budgetary unit requesting verification that the information is incorrect.
When the participant fails to provide clarification or verification regarding the eDRS information, complete the following:
Deny or stop benefits using the DF Denial/Closure Reason Code, allowing for NOAA
Deny, stop, or decrease benefits, allowing for NOAA
Send the Denial/Closure/Decrease for IPV (C204) notice