FAA6.F Administrative : 03 Appeals - Overview : D Appeals Specialist Responsibilities : .05 Hearing Decision Implementation - Affirmed Decision
Hearing Decision Implementation - Affirmed Decision
(01/01/21 - 12/31/21)
When a hearing decision affirms FAA's original action, the following apply:
Document the case file(g) with the results of the decision.
No case action is necessary when benefits were not continued.
Take the following actions when benefits were continued:
Reduce or stop the benefits based on the original determination.
Send an NOAA to the PI, informing them that benefits are being stopped or reduced based on the hearing decision.
Complete a Potential Overpayment (OP) Referral (FAA‑0526A) form for any months that resulted in incorrect benefits during the period that benefits were continued.
When the hearing decision applies to an EBT account adjustment, send a copy of the hearing decision via email to FAA EBT Support within two workdays.
No overpayment is established when the issue involves either a PRA or NA work requirement noncompliance. Upon receipt of the hearing decision, impose the appropriate sanction or disqualification, allowing for NOAA. (See the appropriate method - Graduated Sanctions or NA Work Requirements Disqualification for additional policy and procedures)