Computing the Overpayment – Should Have Been (AZTECS)
(01/01/18 - 12/31/18)
Complete the budget computation using AZTECS Should Have Been (SHB) procedures as follows:
Review applicable AZTECS screens.
From APEM, key the earliest (oldest) month of the OP and work forward.
Review SEPA to ensure all Participation Codes and participants are correct for the OP budget month.
Key resources on applicable screens, and process through resource determination screens (AFRD, FSRD).
Key the converted income on the applicable income screens. Document all income calculation work screens.
NOTE Do not allow earned income deductions when budgeting earned income for an OP that is a result of the household failing to report and verify earnings timely.
Key the shelter, utility, dependent care expenses, and child support deductions on EXNS and EXPC. Document the expense calculation work screens.
NOTE Shelter expense changes during the time of the OP period do not have to be verified to determine the OP when the change was not required to be reported.
Process through the CA determination screens when applicable (AFIM, AFNN, and AFPD). Process through FSAD and screen print FSAD. Press the F9 key.
Screen print the SHB budget for each OP month.
Document the SHB budget screen prints for each OP month with converted income and the reason for the OP.
The amount of the overpayment is the difference between the benefit amount of the WAS budget and the amount the household should have received as per the SHB budget.
Complete the Report of CA/NA Overpayment (FAA-0529A) form