FAA6.E Overpayments : 03 Overpayment Unit Overpayment Responsibilities - Overview : C Overpayment Unit Responsibilities - Budgeting the Overpayment
Overpayment Unit Responsibilities - Budgeting the Overpayment
(01/01/18 - 12/31/18)
Prior to computing an overpayment, review the following budgeting considerations applicable to CA and NA
Each budget must include a WAS Budget and one of the following:
A Should Have Been (AZTECS) when AZTECS can be updated
A Should Have Been (Hand Budget) when AZTECS cannot be updated
Compute the overpayment budget based on the income that should have been projected at the time of determination. Complete the following:
Use the pay dates, as opposed to pay period ending dates.
When using BG01 as a last resort for wage verification, the following applies:
The starting date for employment, when unknown, is the first day of the first month showing in the quarter. Divide the wages indicated in the quarter by three to arrive at a monthly amount.
When wages are available for one month of the quarter, subtract these wages from the quarter total and divide the balance by two for the remaining months.
When only the month the change occurred is known, use the last day of the month as the date the change occurred.
Verify Supplement Security Income (SSI) using the current verification process when there is no information on ININ. See Social Security Benefits for more information about SSI.
The Utility Allowance or the Telephone Utility Allowance amount must be entered in the appropriate section of the Nutrition Assistance Budget Worksheet (FAA‑1077A) form.
Enter the total amount of medical expenses in the appropriate section of the FAA‑1077A form. (See NA Medical Expenses)
Do not budget unreported child support income received by CA budgetary units when determining an NA overpayment.