FAA5.I Determining Benefits : 02 Determining CA Benefits : C Whose Income Effects the CA Benefit Amount
Whose Income Effects the CA Benefit Amount
Information on this page refers to the Cash Assistance program
This section includes information about whose income is used when determining CA benefits.
Special consideration is given to some CA budgetary units regarding income.
The income of any of the following is counted in full:
CA participants who are mandatory or optional in the CA budgetary unit
An unwed minor parent (UMP) (See UMP policy for more information)
The sponsor and the sponsor’s spouse when living with the sponsored Qualified Noncitizen (See Sponsored LPRs for more information about deemed income.)
A disqualified participant for any of the following reasons:
Noncompliance with the Social Security Number (SSN) enumeration requirement
Nonqualified noncitizen
CA fleeing felon
Felony drug conviction on or after 08/23/1996
Refusing a job offer, voluntarily quitting a job, or voluntarily reducing work hour
Intentional program violation (IPV)
Convicted of making fraudulent statements in order to receive benefits in multiple states
The income of any of the following is not counted:
CA nonparticipants.
NOTE When performing the CA Needy Family Test, earned and unearned income of the caretaker relative(g) and the caretaker relative’s family(g) is used whether or not they are part of the budgetary unit. (See CA Needy Family Test for more information.)
Caretaker relatives who are not included in the budgetary unit or who are not required to have their income counted.
A child who meets the dependent child earnings criteria.
A child who is not included in the budgetary unit for reasons that include, and are not limited to, any of the following:
Receipt of foster care payments
Lack of deprivation
Benefit cap
Legal Authorities
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