A Move Related to NEW
A participant may move out of a NEW service delivery area on a temporary basis to attend a NEW-sponsored or assigned training or schooling activity. When this occurs, the following applies:
At the next renewal interview, the participant must verify NEW participation status by providing the NEW Jobs Program Off-Reservation Training/Schooling Verification Notice.
At the interview or prior to case renewal, contact the NEW worker listed on the document to confirm the participant's NEW participation status. Document the collateral contact in the case file(g).
After verification, the participant retains NEW participation status. Do not replace the RT code in the PAR/EXEM field.
At each renewal interview, contact the NEW worker to verify the participant's continued NEW participation status.
NOTE For LIBL purposes, the participant continues to be coded with an R in the WERE EXPT RSN field while attending off-Tribal Land NEW training or schooling.