FAA5.A Work Registration (WORW) : 05 Tribal Native Employment Works (NEW)
Tribal Native Employment Works (NEW)
(01/01/23 – 12/31/23)
Each Tribal Native Employment Works (NEW) office provides employment related assistance to all CA eligible enrolled members of any Federally Recognized (PDF 74 KB) Native American Indian tribe. The enrolled member must reside within the geographical area specified by the tribe as its work program area.
See Native Employment Works (NEW) offices for the NEW Program Service Delivery Areas.
Participation in Tribal NEW is limited to CA budgetary units in which at least one participant is an enrolled tribal member.
NOTE When the worker approves CA Two Parent Employment Program (TPEP) benefits and refers the parents to Tribal NEW, the worker must contact the FAA Systems Help Desk. The FAA Systems Help Desk changes AFPD to S1 and S2. CA TPEP Benefits are not held when FAA refers participants to Tribal NEW. (See FAA Systems Help Desk for contact information.)
Policies and procedures for Tribal NEW are outlined as follows: