FAA4.B Liquid Assets (LIAS) : 04 Liquid Assets - Verification
Liquid Assets - Verification
(10/01/11 - 12/31/11)
Verify liquid assets as follows:
For CA, the value of all countable liquid assets must be verified at the following:
New application
Renewal application
When a change in resources is reported
For NA, resource verification is not required.
Use the client’s verbal or written statement for liquid assets when one of the following applies to the NA budgetary unit:
Any participant is disqualified for voluntary quit or failure to comply with NA work requirements
Any participant is disqualified for drug conviction, fleeing felon status, Intentional Program Violation or NA trafficking
The budgetary unit refuses to cooperate in providing information necessary to determine eligibility and benefit level
The budgetary unit is ineligible due to striker provisions
NOTE Request documented verification only when the participant’s statement is questionable(g).
Policy and procedures regarding verification of liquid assets are outlined as follows: