Continued Absence of a Parent - Verification
Deprivation(g) must be verified for CA benefits. The PI must provide information that proves continued absence of the parent in question. The PI must provide FAA sufficient information to obtain such verification when they are unable to provide it themselves. In this situation, the following apply:
The caretaker relative(g) may not know the location or the identity of the absent parent. Verification is still required to confirm the absent parent is not living in the home.
A specific form of verification, such as a statement from the absent parent, may delay the timely processing of the application. In this situation, request another form of verification to avoid untimely processing.
Forms of verification that may be used to verify a parent is absent from the home include, but are not limited to, the following:
Attorney information
Divorce Papers
Separation Papers
Statement from friends of the absent parent
Statement from neighbors
Lease agreement listing everyone that lives in the home
Verification of Living Arrangements (FAA-0065A)
Document the name, address, telephone number, and title of the collateral contact who gave the information. Also, note the date information was given or received from the source.
Deprivation due to absence must be verified by the processing deadline for deprivation to be established.
For exceptions to the processing deadline requirement, see delays in determination.
When reviewing the case at renewal, document any findings regarding new information about the absent parent and update the AP screens.