CA PRA Immunization Noncompliance for New Applications
For new applications, a PI may indicate that one or more dependent children in the budgetary unit do not meet the immunization requirements. When this is the case, complete the following:
Inform the PI that the status of the children's immunizations will be checked at the next renewal. Should the immunization requirements not be met at that time, graduated sanctions will be imposed.
Document the case file(g) thoroughly.
Inform the PI that they may be exempt from the Immunization requirement when they meet any of the Immunization good cause reasons.
Send the A734 notice.
This requirement may be waived. The parent or specified relative, must either meet the immunization good cause requirements or sign a statement including both of the following:
They do not consent to immunization of the child, based on personal beliefs
They understand the risks and benefits of immunization
NOTE When further information is requested, the participant may be referred to the Arizona Immunization Program website at