Tribal NEW Sanction Notices
(01/01/18 - 12/31/18)
Send an NOAA for each sanction level. Sanction months do not need to be consecutive.
When the participant is noncompliant with Tribal NEW, and the NOAA has not been sent at each sanction level, FAA must contact the appropriate Tribal NEW office supervisor. When the Tribal NEW office supervisor is not known, call the appropriate NEW office for customer service, to obtain the name and telephone number.
For a listing of Sanction Notices, see FAA Sanction Notices.
When it is determined that the participant has complied, see Ending Tribal NEW Sanctions for procedures to end sanctions.
When the participant fails to comply within the required time frame, the next sanction level is imposed. To impose the next level of sanction, complete the following:
Process the case through AFPD to authorize reduced benefits.
Send the appropriate Sanction notice
Proceed to FSAD to authorize NA benefits, as appropriate.
FAA must not impose the next level of sanction to a participant who continues to be noncompliant when both of the following apply:
A notice has not been sent at each sanction level.
The last day to send NOAA has passed.
Elevate the issue through the established procedures when both of the following occur:
Action has not been taken to impose the next sanction level.
Steps to contact Tribal NEW staff have been completed.
When notice has not been sent and the last day to send NOAA has passed, key the sanction end date on DISA for the month benefits are being restored. FAA sends the A790 notice to inform the PI why their CA benefits have increased.
A delay in imposing a sanction does not cause an overpayment when the delay is for reasons including, but not limited to, any of the following:
Allowing for NOAA
Filing an Appeal
The circumstances must be well documented in the DOC field on DISA and in the case file(g). FAA then takes the following actions:
Authorizes the full CA benefit amount on AFPD.
Authorizes NA on FSAD.
Sends the appropriate notices.
When an NOAA has been sent and the participant has not complied with a second PRA requirement in the same month, a sanction notice is sent by DCSS or FAA. The notice must include the following information:
The noncompliant participant's name and the date of noncompliance.
The PRA requirement with which the participant is out of compliance.
The place the participant must go to comply.
The date by which the participant must comply in order to end the sanction.
In all other instances, verify through the AZTECS NOHS screen that the correct notice was sent at the correct time.
NOTE For notices mailed on or after 11/15/2022, view notice content in OnBase.
Each written notice informs the PI of the following:
The name of the noncompliant participant.
The date the participant failed to comply with what activity.
The percent the benefits will be reduced.
The month they will be reduced.
The reason for the reduction.
What the participant must do to recomply and by when.
The percent reduction of the next level of sanction for continued failure to comply.
The right to an Appeal.
The name of the person to contact regarding recompliance.
FAA sends a notice for each level of noncompliance with Tribal NEW.
DCSS sends a notice for each level of noncompliance with Child Support requirements. (See DCSS Sanction Notices)
Jobs sends a notice for each level of noncompliance with Jobs requirements. (See Jobs Sanction Notices)
When a Tribal NEW compliance notification has not been received by the ninth day of the month, FAA must continue the graduated sanction process. (See Imposing Tribal NEW Sanctions for sanction procedures)