Ending Tribal NEW Sanctions
Before a Tribal NEW Sanction may be ended, the following conditions must be met:
The participant must verify compliance with program requirements. (See Verifying the End of Tribal NEW Sanctions)
The budgetary unit must serve the required Tribal NEW sanction duration.
To end a 100% sanction, see Reapplying after Tribal NEW Sanction.
To end a 25% or 50% sanction, a new application is not required. Complete the following:
End the sanction for the first month possible, based on the date of compliance.
Key in the SANC END field the date (MM/YY) for which benefits may be increased to the 100% level. When there is more than one sanction being ended, key the month for each.
Do not refer a participant to Tribal NEW unless one of the following is keyed in the PT field on SEPA:
NOTE Key RT in the PAR/EXEM field on WORW. A referral is only made to Tribal NEW when one of the previously listed codes is keyed in the PT field on SEPA.
Process through AFPD to authorize the restored benefits. It may be necessary to authorize CA supplements. (See Authorize a CA Supplement) When applicable, remove the CA sanction income and authorize NA.
Send the A741 notice to inform the PI that the sanction is ended.