Tribal NEW Graduated Sanctions
(01/01/17 - 12/31/17)
When a participant fails to comply with the requirements of the Tribal NEW program, the case may be subject to graduated sanctions. (See NEW Noncompliance for additional information)
Graduated sanctions consist of a series of benefit reductions ending in case closure.
Graduated sanctions are cumulative for all participants and all PRA program requirements. (See NEW Cumulative Sanctions)
Each sanction that is imposed must last a minimum of one month.
Count instances of noncompliance only when they occurred on or after August 1, 1997, and that are based on Arizona PRA noncompliance.
The two levels of sanctions are as follows:
For the first month of noncompliance, reduce the total cash benefit by 25%.
For the second month and any subsequent occurrence of noncompliance, stop the benefits and close the CA case.
Sanctions applied in another state or by an Arizona Indian Tribe operating its own CA program are not countable when either of the following occurs:
The participant moves to Arizona and is approved for Arizona benefits.
The participant moves off the Tribal Land and is approved for Arizona benefits.
Count each month of noncompliance as another instance of noncompliance, requiring the imposition of the next sanction level.
Instances of noncompliance may occur in consecutive months or may be separated by months of compliance. Each instance of participant noncompliance is a permanent factor in determining that person's CA eligibility.
To determine the correct sanction level, count the total number of different months in which any of the current CA budgetary unit participants were sanctioned.
When this total is two or more, stop benefits for each new occurrence of noncompliance.