Program and Person Alerts
(01/01/22 - 12/31/22)
When any of the following exist, key the appropriate Alert Code in the first available ALERT TYPE field next to the participant's name or in the appropriate program ALERT TYPE field on PRAP:
CA Budgetary Unit Type Alert Codes:
Grant Diversion (GD)
Grant Diversion / TPEP Combination (GT)
Kinship Care (KS)
Participant tested positive for illegal drug use (TD)
Transferred or sold resources without fair consideration (DT)
Participant limitations or warnings:
Caution - excitable or violent participant (CA)
Home‑based interview or home visit required for participants with a disability (HV)
Participant Disqualification Alert Codes:
Citizenship (DI)
Controlled substance (C1, C2, as applicable)
Drug conviction (FD)
Fleeing felon (FF)
Fraud issues (FR, FS, as applicable)
NA trafficking conviction (FT)
Intentional Program Violation (IPV) (IP)
SSN enumeration (DI)
Did not provide Illegal Drug Use Statement (NS)
Did not complete required drug test (NT)
Tested positive for illegal drug use (TD)
Voluntary quit and reduced work hours (VQ)
PRA Sanction Alert Codes:
DCSS noncompliance (CS)
Immunization noncompliance (IM)
Jobs noncompliance (JB)
School attendance noncompliance (SA)
Other Noncooperation issues:
Office of Special Investigations (OS)
Quality Control refusal to cooperate (QC)
Quality Control failure to cooperate (Q3)
Other miscellaneous issues:
Disaster recovery (DR)
Appeals pending (FH)
Under investigation (with OSI) (UI)
The following Participant Disqualification Alert Code types must be keyed in the third alert type field on PRAP next to the disqualified participant, regardless of the number of other person alerts:
FD (Felony Drug Conviction)
FF (Fleeing Felon)
NOTE Keying these alert types in the first or second alert type field on PRAP next to the disqualified elderly participant or person with a disability incorrectly allows the household special consideration.