Person ONLY Alerts
(01/01/19 - 12/31/19)
When any of the following conditions exist for a participant, key the indicated code in the first available ALERT TYPE field next to the participant's name:
AN (Visually impaired)
CP (Pregnant and exempt from DCSS compliance)
DB (Diabetic)
W1, W2, W3, as applicable (Failure to comply with NA work requirements)
EP (Epileptic)
HB (U.S. Citizenship not verified for CA or NA)
HE (Hearing impaired)
LE (Speaks limited English)
RD (Difficulty in reading)
NOTE When a participant requests accommodation for a visual impairment, see Handling Accommodation Requests – Visual Impairments.
Person Alert Codes cannot be keyed as Program Alert Codes in the PROGRAM ALERTS section of PRAP. For Alert Codes that can be keyed as both Program and Person Alert Codes, see Program and Person Alerts.
The following Participant Disqualification Alert Code types must be keyed in the third alert type field on PRAP next to the disqualified participant, regardless of the number of other person alerts:
FD (Felony Drug Conviction)
FF (Fleeing Felon)
NOTE Keying these alert types in the first or second alert type field on PRAP next to the disqualified elderly participant or person with a disability will incorrectly allow the household special considerations.