Mandatory Alerts
(01/01/17 - 12/31/17)
The following conditions require that either a Person or Program Alert Code must be keyed on PRAP:
Controlled substance NA disqualification (C1, C2, as applicable)
Drug conviction (FD)
Failure to comply with immunization procedures (IM)
Failure to comply with Jobs (JB)
Failure to comply with school attendance (SA)
Failure to cooperate with DCSS (CS)
Failure to cooperate with QC (QC)
NOTE When the FR Alert Code displays on PRAP, call OARC (OARC Phone) to determine the following:
The state in which fraud was committed
The length of the disqualification period
The FR Alert Code is a Program and Person Alert Code, but must be keyed next to the participant. This code takes priority over other Program and Person Alert Codes.
Fraudulent statement or multiple benefits (NA)
Voluntary quit or reduced work hours (VQ)
The following Participant Disqualification Alert Code types must be keyed in the third alert type field on PRAP next to the disqualified participant, regardless of the number of other person alerts:
FD (Felony Drug Conviction)
FF (Fleeing Felon)
NOTE Keying these alert types in the first or second alert type field on PRAP next to the disqualified elderly participant or person with a disability will incorrectly allow the household special considerations.