Imposing Ongoing Tribal NEW Sanctions
(01/01/17 - 12/31/17)
When there is an ongoing sanction in a case, AZTECS deauthorizes the case at rollover and sets a CA DEAUTH – GRAD SANC ACTS alert. This alert is due the tenth calendar day of the following month. When the tenth day falls on a weekend or holiday, the due date defaults to the next workday(g). When the alert is received, complete the following:
Review the case including PRAP and DISA. Determine all the current instances of noncompliance in the case. Determine whether there is evidence of recompliance for each. (See Ending Tribal NEW Sanctions)
Review NOHS for evidence of noncompliance or recompliance.
NOTE For notices mailed on or after 11/15/2022, view notice content in OnBase.
When the rollover alert is due, and a notice has not been sent nor compliance received by FAA from Tribal NEW, complete the following:
Contact the Tribal NEW Office Manager to determine the compliance status.
Ensure a notice is sent when necessary. (See Tribal NEW Sanction Notices)
When there continues to be a noncompliance for which there is no verification of recompliance, impose the sanction at the next higher level. Complete the following:
Key the Sanction Reason Code in the next open SANC RSN field.
Key the effective date of the next sanction in the corresponding SANC BEGIN field on DISA.
Document in the DOC lines on DISA, and in the case file(g), when applicable.
Process the case through AFPD to authorize the reduced benefits. When AZTECS indicates the case is ineligible due to graduated sanction, key TN in the DENIAL/CLOSURE REASON field on AFPD.
Send the appropriate notices.