FAA2.E Program and Person Alerts (PRAP/DISA) : 06 CA Sanctions : G Ending Jobs Program CA Sanctions
Ending Jobs Program CA Sanctions
(01/01/23 - 12/31/23)
See Reapplication After Sanctions for either of the following:
To end a 100% sanction.
To end a 50% sanction when the case was closed for other reasons.
When the Jobs Program generates JB/Client Recompiled ACTS Alert, the sanction must be ended. To end a 50% sanction in an active CA case, a new application is not required. Complete the following:
End the sanction for the first month possible, following the month of the mandatory sanction period.
Key the SANC END field with the date for which benefits may be increased to the 100% level. When there is more than one sanction being ended, key the month for each.
Process through AFPD to authorize the restored benefits. When it is necessary to authorize CA supplements, see Authorize a CA Supplement. When applicable, remove the CA sanction income and authorize NA.
Send the CA Change - Progressive Sanction Ended (A741) notice.
There may be situations when FAA ends a 50% or 100% Jobs sanction including, but not limited to the following:
A 100% sanction has been imposed stopping the CA benefits and a new application is received. (See Reapplication After Sanctions)
The CA case closed for other reasons and a 50% sanction was imposed. (See Reapplication After Sanctions)
Jobs Program staff have not sent an NOAA by the last day to request the NOAA for the appropriate month.
NOTE When the ACTS Alert is sent but Jobs Program has not sent the NOAA by the last day to request a NOAA for Jobs noncompliance, FAA staff cannot impose the sanction. (See Sanction Notices – Jobs Program Noncompliance)