Born or Adopted Within Ten Months of Interview
(01/01/17 - 12/31/17)
A child born or adopted within ten months from the initial interview after November 01, 1995, is exempt from the Family Benefit Cap Period (FBCP).
This exemption is allowed only once during the parent's FBCP. This exemption is not allowed for subsequent FBCPs.
This exemption is established by meeting one of the following:
Effective November 01, 1995, the child was born or adopted no later than the tenth month following the month of the parent's initial interview. The initial interview is defined as the first approval on or after November 01, 1995.
The first renewal interview for CA participants who were ongoing as of November 01, 1995. The first renewal interview on or after November 01, 1995, does not apply to budgetary units with a break in benefits.
When the child is determined eligible for CA, complete the following:
Key T in the WERE EXPT RSN AF field on WERE.
Key IN in the PT field on SEPA.
Document CADO with the following:
The date of the initial interview
The name and date of birth or adoption of the child
The T WERE Exempt Reason Code was used
Place the Benefit Cap Grid: Determining the BC Child (FAA‑1302A) form or FAA1583A Electronic benefit Cap Determination unity form in the case file(g).