FAA2.M Welfare Reform (WERE/CODC/CODF) : 08 Arizona Tracking Display (AZTD) for CA - Overview
Arizona Tracking Display (AZTD) for CA - Overview
(01/01/24 - 12/31/24)
Effective 07/01/2010, budget reconciliation legislation was implemented which limits the length of time that an eligible CA budgetary unit may receive CA benefits. The Arizona Tracking Display (AZTD) screen tracks CA and displays CA benefit information about State benefit Limit (STBL(g)).
When a Y is keyed in the AZ LIMT DISP field on WERE, AZTD displays.
To view CA payment history, key a Y in the HISTORY field on AZTD.
When an N displays in the HISTORY field, there is no historical information.
On AZTD, the first character of the two-character code that displays under the JAN ... DEC fields identifies a Tribal TANF case. Beginning with the benefit month of 10/2002, when the payment was received through a Tribal TANF program, the first character displays as follows:
L = Hopi
K = San Carlos
P = Pascua Yaqui
S = Salt River
W = White Mountain Apache
NOTE STBL does not apply to Tribal TANF Programs.
Beginning with the month of 10/2002, the first and second characters indicate whether the CA month is counted or not counted toward CA STBL as follows:
Countable toward STBL
X = CA
NOTE CA allotments under $10 before recoupment are countable.
Not Countable toward STBL
AG = Underage
D = Grant Diversion
KF = Kinship Foster Care
PP = CA allotments which are prorated due to it being an initial month
R = Refugee
NOTE FAA issued Refugee Cash Assistance (RCA) until 07/2021 to single adults, childless couples, and TPEP budgetary units who received six months of CA benefits and were still in need of CA. The additional months received by the TPEP budgetary unit through RCA are not countable toward STBL.
RU = Greater than 49% Tribal Land unemployment rate
ZP = Zero Pay
@ = A normally countable month that was waived due to COVID-19 Public Health Emergency
Beginning with the month of 07/2010, the first character indicates whether the CA month is a CA STBL EXTENSION month, based on the following codes:
A = Childcare
C = Age 60 or older, caretaker of a minor
E = Education
F = LIBL Appeal Pending
H = Disabled
J = Other hardship extension
N = Caretaker of disabled child, parent, spouse, or domestic partner
Q = Homeless
T = Transportation
V = victim of violence
Beginning with the month of 10/2002, the Third and fourth characters indicate the participation code at issuance for the given month as follows:
DF = Excluded due to fraud
DI = Disqualified from participation
DP = Deemed Parent
IN = Included in the budgetary unit and the grant
OU = Excluded from the budgetary unit and the grant
ST = Stepparent
UM = Unwed minor parent