Right to Register to Vote
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This section includes voter registration rights.
FAA is a voter registration agency designated by the National Voter Registration Act (NVRA) of 1993. All FAA locations offer the public the opportunity to register to vote.
All FAA locations have the Arizona Voter Registration form available to the public.
FAA staff can assist customers in completing the Arizona Voter Registration form.
When FAA receives a completed voter registration form, the form is sent to the appropriate County Recorder’s office. The County Recorder’s Office decides whether a person can register to vote, not FAA staff.
When participants apply for benefits in HEAplus, they can indicate they want to register to vote. Once the participant does not respond to the question or indicates they want to register to vote, HEAplus sends an Arizona Voter Registration form.
Participants may file a complaint when they believe that someone has interfered with any of the following:
The right to register to vote or to decline to register to vote.
The right to privacy in deciding whether to register to vote or in applying to register to vote.
The right to choose their own political party or other political preference.
Participants can file voter registration complaints at the following address:
State Election Director Secretary of State’s Office
1700 W Washington Fl 7
Phoenix, Arizona 85007
For additional information about voter registration, see Agency Responsibilities – Voter Registration.
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