Discrimination Complaint
Information on this page refers to the Nutrition Assistance program Information on this page refers to the Cash Assistance program
This policy details applicants' and participants' rights to file a discrimination complaint.
It is a violation of the law to discriminate against anyone for any of the following reasons:
Has a disability, recently separated, other protected, and armed forces service medal veterans (Vietnam Era Veterans Readjustment Assistance Act of 1974, as amended)
Persons who have a Disability
National Origin
Political Affiliation
Sex (Including gender identity and sexual orientation)
Sexual harassment)
All applicants and participants have the right to non-discrimination. Anyone who feels discriminated against has the right to file a complaint.
Applicants and participants can file a discrimination complaint in writing, verbally, or anonymously with any FAA office.
FAA is required to inform participants who are filing a discrimination complaint of the option to file a complaint with the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). (See USDA for contact information.)
A participant needs to file a complaint within 180 calendar days(g) of the alleged act. (See Discrimination Complaint Offices for a list of the addresses to send all complaints against DES.)
Each FAA office has an appointed specialist who acts on behalf of the DES Director's Office of Equal Opportunity (DOEO) to help customers file a discrimination complaint. (See DOEO for contact information.)
When any person files a discrimination complaint, the DOEO specialist or designated staff complete all of the following:
Explains the discrimination complaint process.
Provides the correct discrimination complaint form for the person to complete.
NOTE When a person is filing a discrimination complaint verbally or cannot or does not want to put the complaint in writing, the DOEO specialist or designated staff assists with completing the discrimination complaint form.
Documents the discrimination complaint on the Discrimination Complaint Log.
All discussions regarding a discrimination complaint are kept confidential. Conferences are required to be held in a private location.
FAA cannot deny or delay services or benefits to any participant because they filed a discrimination complaint against FAA, its providers, or employees.
The DOEO completes all of the following when a person files a discrimination complaint through any DES office:
Notifies the complainant in writing of all of the following:
DES has received their complaint.
The person has the right to file directly with the appropriate federal enforcement agency.
Provides a copy of the complaint charges to the Assistant Director of the appropriate division.
Conducts an investigation.
Within 60 calendar days of the discrimination complaint, the DOEO notifies the complainant in writing of all of the following:
The completion of the investigation.
The findings of the investigation.
The person can file directly with the correct federal office when the DOEO procedure does not affect a resolution.
When complaints are filed through the Food and Nutrition Service (FNS), the Secretary of USDA can extend the 180-day filing period. Complaints sent to FNS are required to contain all of the following:
The name, address, and telephone number (when known) of the person or participant filing the complaint
The name and location of the staff or office accused of the claimed discrimination
A statement describing what happened to lead up to the claim of discrimination
A statement describing the discrimination being claimed (age, sex, color, etc.)
Names and addresses of anyone who has knowledge of the claimed discrimination
The date of the claimed discrimination
Legal Authorities
last revised 03/27/2023