What’s Changed on 07/26/2021
What’s Changed on 07/26/2021
This page notifies staff and the public of changes to the Cash and Nutrition Assistance Policy (CNAP) Manual regarding policy, procedures, and forms. Reminders and general information may also be displayed on this page. Prior What’s Changed pages are listed in FAA6.R01 of the CNAP Manual.
The above list summarizes the information on this page. Within the CNAP Manual, each item listed above links to screens below. This page must be discussed during the weekly policy dissemination in every office which determines eligibility, reviews eligibility, or answers questions regarding eligibility. (Current week’s FAA-1215A)
Change: Reporting Lottery or Gambling Winnings
EFFECTIVE DATE: Immediately upon issuance on 07/26/2021
This change has been made to align with the federal requirement for reporting lottery and gambling winnings of $3500 or more.
When any member of an NA household receives lottery or gambling winnings of $3500 or more, it must be reported. The reporting requirement applies to both simplified and standard reporting.
Policy reference(s) revised due to this change:
Removed warning box. (Effective 07/26/2021)
Removed exception box and added lottery/gambling information. (Effective 07/26/2021)
Added information regarding reporting lottery/gambling winnings. (Effective 07/26/2021)
Reminder: MAC In-Person or Phone Contact
This is being issued to remind staff of the importance of using the correct Mid Approval Contact (MAC) form anytime a worker completes the MAC form for the participant.
When a participant comes in-person to an FAA office without the X027 notice that FAA mailed to them, do not print the X027 notice from AZTECS. When notices are printed from AZTECS, they are not recognized by the OnBase Optical Character Recognition (OCR) process. This causes the MAC to be indexed as an incomplete MAC form which causes incorrect closures during the auto-close process.
Complete the MAC using the MAC Unity Form when signature pads are available, or the NA Mid Approval Contact (FAA‑1108A) form from the Document Center, when signature pads are not available. Have the participant sign the FAA-1108A form with a written signature. The FAA‑1108A should only be used for in-person contact and must contain a written signature.
When completing the MAC over the phone, use the OnBase Unity form and collect a voice signature. An attestation is not acceptable on any MAC form.
Staff should continue to follow the established electronic or voice signature process for all MAC forms. The participant can respond to the MAC using any of the following:
OnBase Unity Form
X027 or F027 notice (do not print from AZTECS)
FAA-1108A form (for in-person contact only)
For the X027, F027, and the FAA‑1108A, the participant MUST sign the MAC form with an actual signature. A voice or electronic signature is not acceptable.
Reminder: Arizona Back to Work Program
An Urgent Bulletin was emailed on 07/23/2021 to provide budgeting guidance regarding the Arizona Back to Work Program Incentives for Cash Assistance (CA) and Nutrition Assistance (NA). On 05/13/2021, the Governor declared the Arizona Back to Work Program which includes the following:
Return to Work Bonuses (RTWB)
Childcare Assistance
Education Incentives
Housing Assistance
Participants may receive all four services at the same time when eligible.
Return to Work Bonuses:
Unemployment participants who return to work and no longer receive unemployment benefits; may be eligible for a one-time bonus of up to $2,000.
Payments are issued via direct deposit from the Department of Employment and Rehabilitation Services (DERS) based on the following criteria:
Participants who return to work between 05/13/2021 and 09/06/2021 and work 320 hours or more over a ten-week period of returning to work will receive $2,000.
Participants who return to work between 05/13/2021 and 09/06/2021 and work a minimum of 160 hours over a ten-week period of returning to work will receive $1,000.
NOTE The RTWB is not subject to Child Support deductions.
The payment is not countable as income in the month it is received for NA and CA. Count any money remaining in the following month as a resource.
The RTWB is available until the $300 million set aside for this program is exhausted or on 11/15/2021, whichever happens first. The application for a Return-to-Work Bonus is completed online. When approved, participants will receive notification of approval via email. This confirmation is sufficient verification for CA/NA benefit determination.
NOTE Taxes are not withheld from the RTWB payment. Participants will receive a 1099-G from the Department of Economic Security (DES) in early 2022 to report this payment to the IRS. Bank statements can also be acceptable verification as participants will receive the gross amount of income.
Childcare Assistance:
Under the Child Care for Returning Workers Program, participants will receive three full months of childcare assistance from the start of their authorization.
DES will directly pay the childcare provider and this payment is considered a vendor payment.
Key the VP Unearned Income Code in the INC TYPE field on UNIC.
The application for Childcare Assistance is completed online anytime between 06/01/2021 and 09/06/2021. When approved, participants will receive notification of approval via email. This confirmation is sufficient verification for NA/CA benefit determination.
Education incentives and Housing Assistance:
The Education Incentive and Housing Assistance is not available yet. Once the detail is released, a notification will be sent out to all staff about how to budget these payments.
General Information: CFPB Rental Assistance Resources
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) eviction moratorium is set to expire on Saturday, July 31, 2021.
Please feel free to share the following pamphlets from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPD) with participants that are worried about missed rent payments or eviction:
General Information: Sending Documents to the Policy Support Team
All references to FAA staff faxing documents to the Policy Support Team (PST) have been removed from the Cash and Nutrition Assistance Policy Manual. When documents must be sent to PST, send them via email to [email protected].
General Information: Forms Update
Changes to Forms – 07/17/2021 through 07/23/2021
As a reminder, it is important not to save documents on your desktop or a folder. It is better to use the form you need directly from the Document Center. Forms are frequently updated and sometimes the current form must be used for programming purposes.
Revised forms:
No forms were revised during the specified period
Newly created forms:
No forms were created during the specified period
Revised Marketing Materials (Posters, Pamphlets, Flyers):
No revisions to marketing materials were made during the specified period
Forms Archived from the Document Center
Electronic Benefit Cap Determination (FAA-1583A) form
NOTE The OnBase Unity Form – FAA1583 Electronic Benefit Cap Determination has replaced the above form.