What’s Changed on 07/13/2020
What’s Changed on 07/13/2020
This page relays to staff and the public of changes to the Cash and Nutrition Assistance Policy (CNAP) Manual regarding policy, procedures, and forms. Reminders and general information may also be displayed on this page. Prior What’s Changed pages are listed in FAA6.R01 of the CNAP Manual.
The above list summarizes the information on this page. Within the CNAP Manual, each item listed above links to screens below.
Reminder: Severance Pay
Severance pay is a type of leave pay. Due to multiple questions, it was found that leave pay and severance pay information was split into multiple references. Therefore, severance pay with keying instructions has been added to the leave pay types.
For CA, leave pay received as an installment or lump sum, after the participant has terminated employment is countable. Key the leave pay on EAIN using the LT Earned Income Type Code.
For NA, leave pay received as either of the following, after the participant has terminated employment, is not countable as earned income:
In installments key the LE FS Unearned Income Code in the INC TYP field on UNIC.
A lump sum payment, key the LS Lump Sum Code in the TYP field on LIAS.
For more information see the following:
FAA4.H03CC Leave Pay from Terminated Employment
FAA4.I03R.08 Leave Pay
FAA4.I03R.10 Leave Pay- No longer Employed
Reminder: Considerations for Budgeting Unearned Income
This is being issued to remind staff that the type of unearned income must be explored when determining how the income should be budgeted.
To determine how the unearned income should be budgeted, explore all of the following:
Source of the income
Income of non-participants
Shared Income
The month for which the income is intended
For additional information, see FAA4.H02 in the CNAP Manual.
General Information: P-EBT Portal
The Pandemic EBT (P-EBT) Portal, as discussed in the Urgent Bulletin emailed on 06/15/2020, will close on 08/01/2020. For more information about the P-EBT program, see https://des.az.gov/p-ebt.
General Information: Forms Update
Changes to Forms – 07/04/2020 through 07/10/2020
As a reminder, it is important not to save documents on your desktop or a folder. It is better to use the form you need directly from the Document Center. Forms are frequently updated and sometimes the current form must be used for programming purposes.
Revised forms:
Merchant Restaurant Meals Program (FAA-1549A) packet
Newly created forms:
No forms were created during the specified period
Revised Marketing Materials (Posters, Pamphlets, Flyers):
Arizona WIC Reference Guide (FAA-1407A) brochure
NOTE This brochure is ordered from the warehouse.