What’s Changed on 11/18/2019
What’s Changed on 11/18/2019
This page relays to staff and the public of changes to the Cash and Nutrition Assistance Policy (CNAP) Manual regarding policy, procedures, and forms. Reminders and general information may also be displayed on this page. Prior What’s Changed pages are listed in FAA6.R of the CNAP Manual.
The above list summarizes the information on this page. Within the CNAP Manual, each item listed above links to screens below.
Reminder – The FAA Policy Support Post and the What’s Changed Page
The weekly FAA Policy Support Post, in combination with this What’s Changed page, replaces broadcasts. Policy Change Alerts, News Flash Bulletins, and Check This Out! Broadcasts are no longer sent regarding Cash and Nutrition Assistance.
Changes, reminders, general information, and a weekly forms update are published on the What’s Changed page the first workday of each week. The FAA Policy Support Post is sent via email as a reminder to review the information on the What’s Changed page, when needed. The FAA Policy Support Post is not sent when the What’s Changed page only includes the forms update. Because changes published on the What’s Changed page are effective the date of publication, staff must be diligent to review the What’s Changed page the first day of the workweek to avoid errors.
The What’s Changes page is not numbered and is referenced by the published date located on the top of the page (ex. 11/04/19 What’s Changed). Previously published What’s Changed pages are added to the CNAP Manual as PDF documents and are linked to the What’s Changed History at FAA6.R01 in the CNAP Manual.
The FAA Policy Support Post is not numbered and should be referenced by the issuance date (ex. 11/04/19 Post). Previously published FAA Policy Support Posts are found in the Communications Library.
NOTE The Communications Library is only accessible to internal staff in the Helpful Links section of the FAA Policy Support SharePoint.
The FAA Policy Support Team is currently updating the Policy Dissemination Review/Training Confirmation (FAA1215A) form and the Policy Dissemination Process in the CNAP Manual. When the changes are complete, staff will be updated on the What’s Changed page.
For additional information, see News Flash 19-047F.
Forms Update
Changes to Forms – 11/09/2019 through 11/15/2019
As a reminder, it is important not to save documents on your desktop or a folder. It is better to use the form you need directly from the Document Center. Forms are frequently updated and sometimes the current form must be used for programming purposes.
Revised forms:
No forms were revised during the specified period
Newly created forms:
FAA-0059A Authority to Release Records
FAA-1578A EBT Replacement Card Questionnaire
Revised Marketing Materials (Posters, Pamphlets, Flyers):
No revisions to marketing materials were made during the specified period