Revision 49 (01-01-21 through 12-31-21) : FAA3 Deprivation and Absent Parent Information
FAA3 Deprivation and Absent Parent Information
Added the OnBase FAA-0155A and FAA-0155B Recent Employment/Training Background Unity forms and the A025 and A027 Notices as additional options. (Effective 03/01/2021)
Removed bullet for Nonqualified Noncitizen and moved to a note. Removed Warning and moved to main reference. (Effective 11/01/2021)
Archived 03/01/2021
Archived 11/01/2021
Revised to explain the purpose of an IDA and moved the rule out of the exception box. Added that both CA and NA must be active when determining whether an IDA is not countable as resource. (Effective 03/01/2021) Clarified policy regarding screening for regular cash when TPEP ineligible. (Effective 11/01/2021)
Added instructions to clarify DCSS cooperation on a change. (Effective with any changes received on or after 01/25/2021)
Removed the link to the external excel document due to the implementation of one phone number for DCSS Cooperation. (Effective with all interviews completed on or after 04/26/2021)
FAA3.C01C.02 – NA Work Requirements Good Cause Reasons
Archived 07/06/2021
Archived 01/01/2022
Changed the title of the section of policy from VQ/RWE/Refusal of Job Offer Good Cause Reasons. Added an explanation that the good cause reasons apply to VQ, RWE, RJ, and UI disqualification. (Effective with all interviews completed on or after 07/06/2021) Added Able bodied adults without dependents (ABAWD). (Effective for determinations made for the benefit month of 01/2022 and after)