Revision 40 (02-01-16 through 03-31-16) : FAA6 Case Maintenance and Administrative Lists
FAA6 Case Maintenance and Administrative Lists
FAA6.A13D.05 – Crossmatch Report Procedures
Reformatted for clarity and removed reference to C020 notice.
FAA6.A14A – Changes That Must Be Reported - Simplified Reporting
Added ABAWD exemption reason EM to Simplified Reporting. (Policy Change Alert 15‑040F, effective 01/11/16)
Clarified that the Tribal TANF fair hearings do not go to the Fair Hearing Unit.
Clarified how a fair hearing can be received. Updated who must be notified when a request is received.
Reformatted and rearranged policy for clarity. Removed NA EXCEPTION.
FAA6.F03F – Hospital Fair Hearing Procedures
Removed entire reference because it no longer applies due to the implementation of the statewide Fair Hearing Unit.
Removed WARNING and added that the appellant cannot request to continue benefits. (Reference changed from FAA6.F03J)
Removed the requirement to complete the Verification of Godparents Specified Relative (FAA‑1217A) form.
Removed requirement for BIA verification and form usage. Clarified NA and CA income budgeting.