State Assistance Noncitizen Status Verification
Noncitizen status must be verified. It may be verified using any of the following noncitizen documents:
A letter from the Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) indicating the noncitizen's status
The previously listed documents may not be available or other proof of qualified noncitizen status from INS may not be provided. When this occurs, advise the noncitizen to contact INS for proper verification. When verification is not provided, the noncitizen is ineligible.
When the noncitizen provides an INS document that does not clearly indicate qualified noncitizen status, offer to contact INS.
When the noncitizen does not provide any INS document, do NOT offer to contact INS.
NOTE Situations that cannot be resolved in the previously listed manners, must be elevated to the Policy Support Team (PST) through the normal elevation procedures designated by each Region.
State Assistance participants are not subject to the VIS Verification Requirement.