FAASTA.E State Assistance Authorization (STAA) : 07 State Assistance Budgeting Income - Overview : A State Assistance Budgeting Income - Whose Income is Budgeted
State Assistance Budgeting Income - Whose Income is Budgeted
Depending on the situation, budget the COUNTABLE income of the following participants when determining financial eligibility:
All participants in the budgetary unit.
One-half of the COUNTABLE income of a participant's spouse(g) is COUNTABLE to the participant when they live together.
When earned income is budgeted for the participant's spouse, allow the Cost of Employment (COE) deduction for the spouse's income.
When the spouse of the participant receives CA, one-half of the spouse's prorated CA benefit is COUNTABLE. (See Example Spouse's CA Share-sta)
A budgetary unit with children may have some participants who are CA eligible. The income is budgeted as follows:
AZTECS determines the total State Assistance Need Standard for a budgetary unit that includes all the following:
The participants
All the nonparticipant children
The spouse of the participant when they are a nonparticipant
The CA amount is deducted from the total need standard.
The resulting amount, when any, is the TC payment amount.