State Assistance Benefit Selection - Treatment of Changes - Undetermined Effect
Consider a reported change as having an undetermined effect when BOTH of the following apply:
The participant does not provide sufficient information to determine how the change affects their eligibility or benefit level.
FAA is unable to obtain additional information to determine the effect of the change within ten days from the date of the reported change. Make all attempts to obtain the information before the ten-day deadline. (See Providing Verification) Send the A011 notice.
The A011 must inform the PI that requested verification must be provided within ten days. (See Notice Types Requirements for content requirements for NOAA)
NOTE Verification may be obtained by making collateral contacts.
Take action to key changed information when verification is received, and effect an increase in benefits, a decrease in benefits, or a case closure. (See Effecting Changes)
When requested verification is not received by the eleventh day, authorize the closure on STAA. Send the G201 notice to the PI.