Overpayment Time Frame for Completing the FAA-0529A
The Report of Assistance Payment/Food Stamp Overpayment (FAA-0529A) is completed by the Overpayment Writer and is used to complete the following:
Report an overpayment to OARC.
Initiate overpayment collection.
The FAA-0529A must be completed and forwarded to OARC within 30 calendar days from the date of discovery of the overpayment.
When the FAA-0529A cannot be completed within the time frame due to insufficient information or verification, document the case file.
Efforts must be made to obtain all required information within the 30-day time limit.
Upon receipt of the completed overpayment, OARC contacts the local office for additional information, when needed. The local office must immediately take action to provide the information upon request.