Interview Process - The Interview
(07/01/09 – 09/30/09)
All participants must be interviewed prior to determining eligibility for the following:
New application
Interviews are conducted at any of the following locations:
The local office
Another approved site
In the participant's home (See Home-Based Interviews)
Interviews are to be completed by any of the following:
Face-to-face in the local office
Telephone interview
Approved outside agencies
The participant must be present at the interview. They may choose to have a representative present who may complete the interview or assist the participant during the interview.
During the interview, complete the following:
Follow the procedures in Conducting the Interview (link for internal use only).
Advise the participant of the information listed in Informing the Participant.
Request missing verification. Give the participant ten days from the date of interview to provide the verification.
At the end of the interview assist the participant to complete the final steps.