FAAEBT.B Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) Screens : 13 EBT Voluntary Repayments (EBVR) - Overview
EBT Voluntary Repayments (EBVR) - Overview
EBVR is used by the Office of Accounts Receivable and Collections (OARC) to reduce a primary payee's overpayment claim balance with funds from their EBT account. (See EBT Overpayments)
When OARC receives the appropriate forms from the FAA office, OARC staff must complete the following:
Key the amount to be deducted in the LESS DEDUCTION (-) field on EBVR for the appropriate benefit type.
NOTE Only one benefit type can be processed at a time. When more than one benefit type is to be used for recoupment, access and process EBVR again.
Key the primary payee's SSN, and the OARC claim number on EBVR.
Press ENTER.
When the transmission is successful, the EBVR BENEFIT CONFIRM AMOUNT TO DEDUCT screen is accessed. The new balance for the selected benefit type displays.
Print the EBVR screen to be used as a receipt.
Press ENTER again to transmit recoupment to the EBT Processing System.
When the transmission is unsuccessful, a SEVERE edit message displays on EBVR.