EBT Overpayment Claims - Overview
Overpayment claims are written and forwarded to the Office of Accounts Receivable and Collections (OARC) per policy and procedures outlined in Overpayments.
Overpayment writers determine claims and recoupment amounts per policy and procedures outlined in Overpayment Unit Responsibilities.
Primary card holders can pay overpayment claim balances with their cash or NA EBT benefits. Benefits from the cash EBT account can be used to pay CA, NA, or ST overpayments, but benefits from the NA EBT account can only be used to pay NA overpayments.
EBT benefits are considered available to the card holder once they are transferred into the EBT account and cannot be returned to prevent an overpayment. When a card holder requests recoupment, follow the procedures outlined in EBT Recoupment.