EBT QUEST Card - Replacement Fees
(01/01/17 –12/31/17)
Each card holder may request one free EBT card replacement per calendar year(g). After the first replacement there is a $5.00 fee. The fee is deducted from the participant's CA or NA account.
The replacement fee is waived when at least one of the following applies:
The EBT card sent through the mail has not been used
NOTE Mailing time must be factored. Do not waive the replacement fee when less than five workdays has passed since the request was made unless there is an emergency need.
The card was damaged
The card is not accessible due to a presidentially declared disaster
The card holder meets the elderly criteria (60 and over)
The card holder legally changed their name
The card was stolen
The card and PIN were both mailed and both were stolen
Any other reason identified by the Region Program Manager
Designated staff responsible for EBT card issuance must key Y in the REPLACEMENT CARD OVERRIDE field on EBCM. Keying Y in this field automatically accesses CADO. The reason the fee is waived must be documented in the case file(g).
NOTE All replacement cards will be mailed to the address of record on AZTECS screen ADDR. When the participant requests an over the counter card, a replacement fee still applies when the reason for the replacement is not listed above.