EBT QUEST Card - Inventory - Ordering EBT cards
(01/01/20 - 12/31/20)
EBT card orders are submitted and filled on a quarterly basis. An order for EBT cards is placed in November, February, May and August each year. The order is placed by a designated FAA office representative by submitting a request via the OnBase Unity Client E‑forms. From the OnBase Home tab, select the Forms Icon and the E-Form, FAA-Request for EBT QUEST Cards. Enter all the required information then click the Submit button. The form is received by the FAA Systems EBT Unit. (See Accessing OnBase E‑Forms for additional instructions.)
The EBT unit collects the orders and sends the orders to Fidelity Information Services (FIS) at one time. FIS ships the cards via Federal Express delivery directly to each FAA office regardless of the region or location. The cards arrive in the FAA office around the 20th of the month following the order placement to FIS.
The number of cards received should last through the next quarter when the office can order more cards.
NOTE It is not required that cards be ordered each quarter. It is only required when the cards on hand will not last until the next order cycle
When the amount of cards in the order is not sufficient to last the quarter or the office runs low on cards, the designated office representative submits a request for additional cards via the OnBase Unity Client. In the Special Instructions section of the form provide an explanation of why an increase in cards is needed.
Friendly reminders to place an order for cards are sent out to the Office Managers (LOM’s).
The following is the quarterly EBT cards inventory schedule:
The EBT Unit sends a friendly reminder out to all LOM’s around the 15th of November, February, May and August each year.
The EBT Unit sends another reminder out to all LOM’s around the 30th of November, February, May and August each year.
Offices submit their request for EBT cards through the OnBase E‑Form when they need cards for the next quarter or when running low of cards.
The EBT unit compiles the orders of all the offices and submits that information in one transaction to FIS. This is done in December, March, June and September each year.
Cards are sent to the offices in January, April, July, and October each year.
Order Cards Reminder Sent to FAA Offices
Order Placed to Fidelity Information Services (FIS)
Cards Received at FAA Office
November 15th and 30th
December 1st
January 20th
February 15th and 28th
March 1st
April 20th
May 15th and 30th
June 1st
July 20th
August 15th and 30th
September 1st
October 20th