EBT Benefit Issuance and Availability - CA Expedited Benefits
Emergency CA EBT benefits are authorized by the FAA Customer Service Support (CSS) on FIWI.
No entry is required in the FIELD ISSUANCE REASON field on FIWI.
When the transmission is successful, benefits are available immediately.
Authorization of the emergency benefits displays in AZTECS as follows:
On AFIH, the emergency CA EBT benefit is displayed. The Authorization Number is displayed in the WARRANT NUMBER field. The date of transmission displays in the MAIL DATE and STATUS DATE fields. EMEREBT displays in the DOC STATUS field.
On AFBH, PX displays in the ISS IND field.
When the transmission is unsuccessful, an edit message displays on FIWI. Review the error and correct it.
For procedures on notifying the FAA CSS of the need to authorize expedited CA benefits, see EBT Emergency Benefits.