FAAEBT.A Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) Policy and Procedures : 07 EBT Arizona Residency Change - Overview
EBT Arizona Residency Change - Overview
When a Primary Card holder moves out of Arizona, they can use their EBT card all over the country at retailers and ATMs displaying the QUEST symbol. All states use EBT, and all states have banks and merchants with the ability to access EBT accounts from other states, including Arizona.
When a card holder requests to receive the remaining CA or ST benefits, advise them that they can access their benefits at any bank, retailer, or ATM that displays the QUEST symbol.
When the card holder does not remember their PIN, or does not have a QUEST card, the card holder must call the FIS Automated Response Unit (ARU) to request a new PIN or replacement card. (See EBT Help Desk Phone Number)