TPEP Withhold Benefit Example
Rudy and Winnie Begot fail to provide proof by the 06/08 due date that their 10-year-old child, Diego, is attending school. FAA is not able to establish good cause.
On 06/10, FAA notifies Rudy and Winnie that their TPEP benefit will be withheld until compliance. There is not sufficient time to withhold the benefit for 06/15; FAA takes action to withhold the benefits for 07/01 and forward.
On 06/30, Winnie turns in proof that Diego is now registered in and attending school. There is sufficient time to release the 07/15 benefit. On 07/01, FAA releases the 07/15 benefit, and sends the A510 notice.
Rudy and Winnie had one benefit issuance withheld (07/01).