FAA6.N Examples
Examples - Overview
Approval Periods – When Changes are Needed
AZSNAP Example - Calculating the Benefit Allotment
AZTECS Examples
Eligibility Information System (EIS) Examples
Application Requirements Examples
Pre-Application Screening Examples
Application Registration Examples
Verification/Cooperation Examples
Address (ADDR) Examples
Setup Participations (SEPA) Examples
Program and Person Alerts (PRAP) Examples
Marital Status (MAST) Examples
Referral Source Entry (RESE) Examples
Residency (RARE) Examples
Identity/Citizenship (IDCI) Examples
Welfare Reform (WERE/CODC/CODF) Examples
Specified Relative/Deprivation (SPRD) Examples
Voluntary Quit/Striker (VOQS) Examples
Financial Accounts (FIAC) Examples
Liquid Assets (LIAS) Examples
Cash Assistance Resource Determination (AFRD) Examples
Expenses/Need Standard (EXNS/EXPC) Examples
Cash Assistance Payment Determination (AFPD) Examples
Food Stamp Allotment Determination (FSAD) Examples
Notice Request/Client Notice Request (NORE) Examples
Changes Examples
Revert Program to Open (REPT) Examples
Participant Maintenance Examples
Overpayment Examples
NA Compromise Examples
Administrative Examples
Disaster Nutrition Assistance Program (DNAP) Examples
Internal Operations Examples
Glossary and Acronym Examples
Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) Examples
Standard Organizational Procedures (SOP) Examples
State Assistance Authorization (STAA) Examples
State Assistance Benefit Selection (STAB) Examples
Budgeting Pascua Yaqui Jobs Earnings
Rolling Past Current System Month Examples