FAA6.I Tribal Assistance Programs : 06 Pascua Yaqui Tribal TANF (PY‑YOEME) - Overview : C Special Keying Requirements - Pascua Yaqui Tribal TANF
Special Keying Requirements - Pascua Yaqui Tribal TANF
(01/01/20 - 12/31/20)
Follow normal keying procedures necessary in making a CA eligibility decision. Review and key the following screens to ensure that an eligibility decision is made correctly for the Pascua Yaqui (PY) TANF Program:
Key PY in the RESERVATION field when the budgetary unit is living on the Pascua Yaqui Indian Reservation in Pima county.
When the budgetary unit does not live on the Pascua Yaqui Indian Reservation, they are considered off‑Reservation Pascua Yaqui members. Do not key a Reservation Code on ADDR.
Key Y in the AI RACE field and the appropriate Tribal Code in the TRIBE field next to any participant who is enrolled in a federally recognized Indian Tribe.
Key the participant's tribal census enrollment number in the TRIBAL CENSUS field, when known.
Key P (Pascua Yaqui exempt) in the AF EXPT RSN field next to each participant in the budgetary unit. This must be keyed so AZTECS identifies the budgetary unit as a Pascua Yaqui Tribal TANF Program case.
Key EX in the AF COOPERATION CODE field. This must be keyed so that the participant is not referred to DCSS.
Key A1 in the STD LVL field on EXNS. Verification of a shelter cost obligation is not required.
Key RT in the PAR/EXEM field next to any participants who are mandatory PY Tribal Employment Referrals.