Sanction Duration Example 2
MaryAnn failed to cooperate with DCSS. On 07/22 FAA received DCSS noncompliance notification stating that MaryAnn did not attend the paternity workshop on 07/13. This is MaryAnn's first sanction (50%).
Review PRAP/DISA for multiple sanctions.
Key the sanction on PRAP/DISA, imposing the sanction for the month of 09. Send the 50% NOAA.
MaryAnn's CA is deauthorized for the month of 10 and the CA DEAUTH - PROG SANC ACTS alert is generated.
MaryAnn must comply with DCSS and FAA must be notified by the tenth calendar day of the following month; otherwise, key the next level sanction on PRAP/DISA. Close the case and send the 100% NOAA.