Rolling Past Current System Month Definition
Cases must be approved into the current system month after a determination is made. Do not roll a program past current system month, unless it meets one of the following:
When effecting a decrease or closure in benefits and NOAA has passed. (See Example 1)
NOTE This should only be applied to a verified change. (See Example 4)
When adding a participant to a case who was receiving benefits in another case. (See Example 2)
When a case has a low Unemployment Insurance (UI) income balance and income must be removed in the month after current system month. (See Example 3)
For CA, when approving CA for Grant Diversion benefits.
When a participant applies after the 15th calendar day of the month and is approved for expedited services with postponed verification.
When a participant submits an application for renewal within 60 calendar days of the last day of the approval period.
When determined benefits should be rolled more than one month past current system month, supervisor approval is required.