Rolling Past CSM Example 3
Ann applies for NA and is interviewed on 04/25/2023. Ann states she is currently receiving Unemployment Insurance (UI) income and provides all mandatory information. The worker reviews HOSC and verifies the following:
Ann is receiving $240 weekly UI income.
Ann received a $240 payment on each of the following dates 04/25/2023, 04/18/2023, 04/11/2023, and 04/04/2023.
Ann’s current UI income balance is $720.
The worker determined Ann’s UI income will end 05/16/2023 and the current system month is 05/2023.
The worker approves the benefits for 04/2023 and 05/2023 with the UI income budgeted. The worker rolls the benefits to 06/2023, removes the UI income, and sends the appropriate notice.