FAA6.N Examples : 11 Program and Person Alerts (PRAP) Examples : G Reapplication After CA Sanction Example 1
Reapplication After CA Sanction Example 1
Stephanie failed to cooperate with DCSS because she did not return the information DCSS requested. FAA received a DCSS noncompliance notification on 06/08/04. This was Stephanie's second instance of DCSS noncompliance and her CA case will be closed.
Key the sanction on PRAP/DISA, imposing the sanction for the month of 07/04. Close the CA case.
Stephanie turns in a new CA application on 06/29/04. Stephanie must serve the sanction month of 07/04. Prorate the application on APMA to 08/01/04.
At the interview, inform Stephanie that she must comply with the DCSS Pre-Compliance before the CA can be approved.